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Lily of the Valley Planter Cake
Lily of the Valley Planter Cake
Wine, Dog & Book Themed Cake
Baptism; Faith, Hope & Charity Cake
Mountain Hiker Cake
Horse Shoe Cake
Ski Theme Cake
Elephant Cake
Christening three tier Cake
Christmas Fruit
Lady's Shoe Cake
Flirty Cake
Baby, Baby Cake (pink or blue)
Daisy Chain Cake
Welcome Baby Cake
Woodland Cake (top detail)
Christening Flower Cake
Mini Heart Cakes Cake
Present Loop Cake
Spring Flowers Cake
Couch Cake
Angry Birds Cake
Beer Top Cake
Floral Handbag Cake
Basketball Singlet Cake
Square two tier Bow Cake
Gift Box Cake
Nautical Christening Cake
Shopping Diva Cake (original design by Pink Cake Box)
Birthday Flower Garland Cake
Deer Cake
Circus Colours Cake
Golf Cake
Flower Side Detail
Shaunella the Sheep Cake
Butterfly Two Tier Cake
Strawberry Fields Forever Cake
Light House Cake
Two Tier Baby in Cradle Cake
Louis Vuitton Handbag Cake
Rugby Ball Shaped Cake
Lilac Butterfly & Roses Cake
Chef Cake
Teacup Cake (topper can be changed)
Arabian Nights Cake
Beautiful Blooms Roses Cake
Baby Shower Cake (also available in blue)
The Big Apple
Black & White Stripe with Bow
Bavarian Stein Cake
Romantic Lace Cake
Chanel Cake
Heart Gold Sequin Cake
Converse High Top Shoe Cake
Crown Baby Cake

Prices range upwards from $155.00 each, includes custom colours, cake board and candles, Wellington pick up only